Nuno Almendra

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Gran Mah band in FrancoMoçambicano, Maputo

GranMah is a Dub Reggae Fusion band from Mozambique. They started out in a garage back in 2009. Today, the band consists of 5 members. Well known throughout Mozambique, they have recorded an LP and have been featured in many TV and Radio Shows. In 2012 they won a public contest to open the Mozambique Music Awards, with their first single, Starlight Stardust. Their second single and first official music video called “I Got To Move” was featured on all […]

  • Jalaram Bapa

Jalaram Bapa

Jalaram Bapa was born in Virpur, Rajkot district, Gujarat, India in 1799, on the seventh day of the Kartikamonth. His father was Pradhan Thakkar and his mother was Rajbai Thakkar who belonged to Thakkar clan, which is a sub- group of Lohana clan. He was a devotee of the Hindu god Rama. Jalaram Bapa was however not willing to live an householder’s life and continued to take care of his father’s business. He was mostly engaged in serving pilgrims, sadhus […]


This was a photographic work, done to the British High Commission in Maputo, Mozambique, a reportage about the destruction  of ivory and rhino horn. Mozambique burned 2.5 tonnes of seized ivory and rhino horn on Monday as part of a campaign to end an illicit trade that is fueling a wave of big animal poaching in Africa, a conservation group said. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) said in a statement that over 2,400 kgs (5,280 lbs) of ivory and 86 pieces […]