Gran Mah band in FrancoMoçambicano, Maputo

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GranMah is a Dub Reggae Fusion band from Mozambique.

They started out in a garage back in 2009. Today, the band consists of 5 members.
Well known throughout Mozambique, they have recorded an LP and have been featured in many TV and Radio Shows. In 2012 they won a public contest to open the Mozambique Music Awards, with their first single, Starlight Stardust. Their second single and first official music video called “I Got To Move” was featured on all national TV channels as well as International channels like, SABC, Channel O, Trace TV and Trace Toca. The video has been on high rotation all around the world. Besides performing at numerous live music venues in Mozambique, GranMah’s local festival experience includes the Azgo Festival (1st and 3rd Edition), Downwind Kitesurf Festival(Vilanculos), Festa da Música(Maputo), Tofo Earth Festival in Inhambane. They have also ventured across borders and represented Mozambique in international festivals such as the WeHeartDub in Johannesburg (SA), Park Acoustics in Pretoria (SA), Route 40 Music Festival in White River (SA), House on Fire in Swaziland, Kome Caves Beer Festival in Lesotho and were voted one of the “three acts that surprised us this HIFA 2015” by 3-mob.com after performing a magical set on the Zol Main stage in Zimbabwe.
In 2014 GranMah was nominated for 3 Mozambique Music Awards. They received the award for Best Alternative Song. They were the face of an advertisement campaign for a popular brand of botlled water in Mozambique, “Vumba”, where one of their songs was used and the group appeared in the commercial.
They have released their first album in December 2015.

GranMah Band concerte at Cultural Center FrancoMoçambicano in Maputo.

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